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Character Game

An effective and efficient training is the dream of every HR division in all companies. We provide short and long-term training services to prepare for quality human resources, both in terms of personal integrity and professional development in related work fields.


We present our training with latest, interactive, and creative methods. Our training is also supported by a pleasant learning atmosphere so that it can be easily understood and applied in the world of work. Our training activities include interactive discussions and simulations for both indoors and outdoors, as well as outbound activities. Our training modules can be specifically designed and adapted to the current needs of the company. We also designed an integrated module with the goal of supporting the success of individuals in their careers and in life, namely 50 Leadership Skills and 10 Art of Success.

Inhouse Training

Training with interactive discussions and simulations indoors, specifically designed to meet each trainee's problems and needs.

Outdoor Training

Two-way communication training with simulations and games that are held outdoors with a different view.

Character Games

A game specifically designed for trainees, so that trainees can enjoy a training with a different, fun, and memorable atmosphere as well as to build a superior character in each trainee's personality.

Outbound Training

Training held in the open air with direct contact with nature.

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The CBC Workshop is a 3-day certification program that teaches you how to become a professional behavioral consultant.


Leadership Through Character Workshop is here to answer the need for practical and applicable leadership training so that it can be directly applied in daily activities.


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