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We as leaders and potential leaders in companies and organizations are often required to be able to lead well, provide proper direction, dare to act decisively, be role models, be able to predict the future, and many more abilities that must be mastered.


There are a lot of leadership trainings that teach about the concepts and theories of leadership from various versions. But do they all answer your needs for performing your leadership function?


Leadership Through Character Workshop is here to answer the need for leadership training that is practical and applicable so that it can be directly applied in daily activities.


Leadership Through Character Workshop is a workshop with the latest training methods, where each participant can measure their own potential and recognize their superior character (through Foto Karakter technology) so it will be easier to apply the training material they received.

Experience Exchange –

Share leadership experiences firsthand

Leadership Insight –

Get enlightenment and new ideas for leadership everyday

Practical Guide –

Directions in the form of practical and applicable guides

Who should attend:

This program is very useful for HR Professionals, Business Owners, Directors, Managers, and personal/individuals who wants to equip skills in recognizing character and responding to human behavior thoroughly and comprehensively.

  1. Conceptual Thinking Skill

  2. Basic Management Skill

  3. Planning Skill

  4. Coordination Skill

  5. Inspection Skill

  6. Time Management Skill

  7. Priority Thinking Skill

  8. Making Decision Skill

  1. Conduct Briefing Skill

  2. Conduct Meeting Skill

  3. Making Orientation Skill

  4. Training Skill

  5. Building Teamwork Skill

  6. Adversity Skill

  7. Project Management Skill

  8. Forecasting & Budgeting Skill

  1. Basic Communication Skill

  2. Instruction Skill

  3. Persuasion Skill

  4. Appreciation Skill

  5. Argumentation Skill

  6. Negotiation Skill

  7. Presentation Skill

  8. Discussion Skill

  1. Organizing People Skill

  2. Motivating People Skill

  3. Directing People Skill

  4. Evaluating People Skill

  5. Correcting People Skill

  6. Conflict Management Skill

  7. Mediation Skill

  8. Relationship Skill


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