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About Us

To keep pace with the era of globalization, information, advanced science and technology, we need a high quality human resources (human capital) either in terms of integrity, personality, and professional development and competence according to their field of work.

For this reason, Power Character is here to prepare a productive Human Resources in their work, through training, consulting, assessment, mentoring, and counseling.

Power Character is a consulting and training company that focuses on 'cultivating superior character' in every important part of the company, to ensure business success that last for a long time.

Our Team

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Harmoni Ezra
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Melodion Ezra


The Prime Solution Partner on Character Development in Digital Era


1. Explore and enlighten life predestination through comprehensive assessment.
2. Equip and empower leaders through Human Performance Technology.
3. Provide one-stop solution in character development through digital portal.
4. Establish worldwide operational standard through ISO certification.


1. Creative Mind
2. Empathetic Heart
3. Grit
4. Agile
5. Professionalism

The Power of Character

“Character is the strength to endure during difficult times.” Of course, what that meant is a good, solid, and proven character. Good character is known through the proper "response" when we experience pressure, challenges, & difficulties.


A quality character is a response that has been tested many times and has resulted in victories. A person who repeatedly went through adversity with victories will possess a good quality. There are no qualities that has not been tested. So, if you seek quality, there is no more powerful way except 'tests'. Tests can take a form of challenges, pressures, difficulties, suffering, or things that we dislike. And if we make it through, not just once but many times then we will have that quality.

Character is different from personality and temperament. Personality is our response or so-called ethics that we show when we are in front of other people. Like how to dress, shake hands, walking or behave in front of others.


Temperament is our basic trait that is influenced by the genetic code of our parents, grandparents, and our great grandparents (3 generations above us). Meanwhile, character is our response when we are ‘on top’ or being elevated. Are we discouraged, proud, or forgetful? This form of responses is what we call character.


Characters are formed with at least 5 things, which are:

1. Our basic temperament (Dominance, Steadiness, Influence, Compliance).

2. Our beliefs (what we believe, paradigm).

3. Education (what we know, our insights).

4. Life motivation (what we feel, the spirit of life).

5. Our life experiences (what we have experienced, our past, parenting style, environment).


Some of the characters that can bring success are:

1. Empathy (love others as yourself).

2. Endure the test (stay steadfast and take lessons from life, with gratitude under any circumstances).

3. Have faith (believe that God is involved in our lives).


These three characters will enable us to succeed. Empathy will lead to good relationships, endurance will breed perseverance and quality, and faith will make anything possible.


Character is formed, not created. Being formed means that it must go through a process. It is true that there are basic characteristics that contain our strengths and advantages. However, to develop character, a 'character coaching' or 'character mentoring' is needed. We cannot grow on our own in good character. We need a teacher, coach, or mentor who directs and notifies the mistakes and weaknesses of our character.


According to a survey by Robert Clinton (Finishing Well), someone who able to fulfill his life well is because he has at least 8 mentors during his life. Therefore, go seek and find a mentor for our character. Start with a mentor and then find other mentors. Then our character will grow and develop well.


So, how to find our character?

Find our basic temperament. Currently, there is technology that can quickly identify our character through "Foto Karakter". We have tested it and continue to attribute it to proven accuracy.

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