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To meet corporate needs for optimal human resources in work and for the right man in the right place, the Assessment division recommends a candidate selection service called Job Fit Analysis.


JOB FIT ANALYSIS is an analysis service for the suitability of individual characters with a job description. Excellent choice for promotion and selection needs.


  1. Recognizing the strengths and critical points of the candidate's basic temperament.

  2. Recognizing the behavioral tendencies in the candidate's Personality, Character and Temperament.

  3. Recognizing the candidate's thinking patterns, feeling patterns, communication patterns, and behavior patterns.

  4. Identifying the candidate's communication style.

  5. Analyzing the candidate's strengths and critical points on the job position and job description.

  6. As a very appropriate means for placement and promotion in the company so that it can produce the right man in the right place.

  7. Increasing the effectiveness and productivity of employees in the company.



  1. Test results and job fit analysis reports.

  2. In the job fit analysis, there are recommendations on the candidate's suitability with the job description.

  3. Whether an individual can be recommended for the position, recommended with notes, or more effort is required.

  4. Personal notes about candidates that are important for the company.

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