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  1. Maximizing the potential of your child.

  2. Knowing in depth about the strengths and critical points of children through Personality, Character and Temperament.

  3. Recognizing the child's thinking patterns, feeling patterns, communication patterns, and behavior patterns.    

  4. Recognizing the child's learning styles.

  5. Finding the child’s interests that can be developed from within.

  6. Recognizing early on the right choice of college majors.

  7. Recognizing 8 areas of children's intelligence.

  8. Become a mediator between children and parents in order to create good communication and get a common ground between the desires of both parties.


Benefits for teenagers:

  1. Exploring your uniqueness

  2. Developing a potential into competencies

  3. Building self-confidence

  4. Sharpening innate talents

  5. Identifying learning styles

  6. Clarifying goals and ideals

  7. Directing future careers

  8. Recognizing the appropriate communication style


Benefits for parents:

  1. Strengthen relationships with children

  2. Streamlining communication between parents and children

  3. Build mutual understanding

  4. Minimizing parental conflicts


Benefits for educators:

  1. Simplifying ways to teach

  2. Making the learning process more effective

  3. Maximizing learning results

  4. Increasing the motivation to learn - teach.


What you will get:

  1. Foto Karakter Youth Report (softcopy and/or hardcopy), which discusses strengths and critical points, 8 areas of intelligence, and recommended college majors.

  2. One-time counseling session with Power Character's child specialist counselor.

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